Grounding the Tarot with Lenormand

Grounding the Tarot with Lenormand

Grounding the Tarot with Lenormand


By Jamie Sawyer

First presented at the WDA Lenormand Summit 2020

Grounding the Tarot?

What exactly do I mean with that statement?  Tarot as we know, can help us to tap into the inner dialog between the self and the unconscious.  Tarot is more esoteric, or inner focused.  When reading or using Tarot, it is often times easy to get off-course, as the avenues open for higher or deeper exploration.

I like to ground or “tether” the focus card(s) by employing the help of Lenormand.

Lenormand becomes an outside observer listening to the story that the Tarot is weaving, then interjecting viewpoints on the periphery.  By using Lenormand this way, it almost becomes a mediator to the dramas that Tarot creates.  (I don’t use drama in a derogatory manner, but more in the sense of how it tells a story.) 

When a Tarot card is pulled; Good or Bad, our minds automatically seek the codex and start to play the story based on those inherited meanings/archetypes.  

I generally do collective readings. In this method,  I can start to see how the Tarot is reflecting back to me something that is going on in society and how it also affects my own life. With just Tarot, there is often a want to manipulate the card in a more favorable outcome... (because good news feels better right? Yet, it’s not always what’s needed.)  This same approach can also be used if reading for a specific question and the Tarot cards are the big answer that keeps rolling on... containment may be needed. 

Enter Lenormand.  

By adding some boundary cards- they contain the inner energy, they become bumpers or tethers. Directing the focus back to the initial card(s)- with an outsider’s perspective. The Lenormand becomes a bridge as they are not bound by the archetypes of the Tarot.  They can translate from what was initially thought- to how it’s playing out in the real world.  

Sometimes Lenormand can and will help expose a silver lining if there is one; yet it also can help take off the rose colored glasses if need be. 

Piecing this all together? What am I actually talking about?

Here is the spread I’ve been using for the better part of a year.  When I first started laying out the cards in this way, I really had no idea what it was becoming, or how they were trying to speak to me. It just felt right, and comfortable.  I learned the language of the reading and how each position had danced with the next.  Merging cards with my miniaturized tile versions, I could see how the energies mixed and flowed.  Lenormand always wanted to be on the periphery, outsiders to the proverbial ball and making their grand entrance when the timing was just right in the unfolding story...  

“Daily Mixture” 


I like to use multiple systems in my spreads, having a busy brain that wants all the options, this also allows my inner creative child to play. 

This spread is my personal daily practice; created to use with my tarot & lenormand tile miniatures. 


1: Tarot- Theme or Focus for reading

2:Oracle- Energy enveloping the whole message

3 + 5: Read together this adds momentum to the theme/Focus  

7: Lenormand- tethers energy from the past. Connects to 3 + 5

(Asks a boundary question —See suggestions on following chart) 

4 + 6: Read together this builds character points to future aspects -

8: Lenormand- attaches you to what’s on the horizon Connects to 4 + 6

(Asks another boundary question —See suggestions on following chart)  

9+10+11: Lenormand- Roots/Grounds the reading; is a foundation.  This can also be a direct answer to any questions that may arise from the Tarot cards, asking it in a direct way you would for any Lenormand reading.  It can be read as the 3 cards— or add the 2 tethers to get a 5 card chain.  

Positions A,B,C,D are completely optional.  I sometimes add these as charms, crystals, runes or other small divination tools— they offer pillars or guideposts. Just a hint of surrounding energy.  

Boundary Questions to ask Lenormand based off the keywords I use most:




Boundary (tether)  Question*

1- Rider

Messages, Arriving

What message is clear or arriving because of this?


Small Opportunity

What small turns of fortune have happened because of the focus?


Travel, Distance

Is this something you need to travel for? Are you willing to go the distance for this?


Comfort, Security

How does this affect your idea of comfort or safety?


Health, Growth, Roots

How might this be affecting your health/growth or how you feel rooted? 


Uncertainty, Passing

What aspect of this is clouding your judgement, causing indecision? Is it passing or is it lingering?


Deception, Obstacle

This is telling you to be cautious, take another look before proceeding. 



How might this be bringing about closure?


Gift, Beauty

In what ways could this be beautiful or seen as a gift? 


Cut away, abrupt

This needs to happen quick, what can you cut out to see the root of the issue?


Discord, Nagging

This has been a reoccurring theme, why is it repeating?


Talks, Anxiety

What needs to be vocalized?  Is it an actual threat? How can you talk this out?

13- Child

Small, New Beginning

What could be the new potential this brings? Is there someone younger causing or affecting this?


Cunning, Strategy 

How/What needs to be investigated further? What about this has you feeling caged?


Resources, Strength 

What strengths or resources does this highlight? 


Destiny, Success

How could this be contributing to your success? 


Change, Movement

What are you moving toward, what’s contributing to this change?


Loyalty, Friends

How/when does loyalty/friendship support you in these moments?


Authority, Large

Is this about something bigger/caused by an external authority?


Community, Gathering

How can integrating your circle bring this together? 


Obstacle, Blockage

What is the major blockage? How can(is) this obstacle slow(ing) you down?


Decisions, Options

What decisions need to be made on this subject? What are your actual options?


Underlying problems

How has this been gnawing away at you? What is the root cause of the problems? 


Love, Care, Emotions

How can you follow your heart in this?


Commitment, Promise

How/what does this contribute to your contracts? Remember your promises and commitments when facing this.


Secrets, Knowledge

What may need further studying in this manner? Is there a secret surrounding this?


Correspondence, Mail 

What notes/signals have you been sending? 



What is Your/Their role in this?



What is Their/Your role in this?


Patience, Virtue, Elder

Patience may be needed, how can looking at this from a mature angle give clarity?




Life Force, Bright

How/ In what ways does this fuel your energy? Are you willing to shine fully?


Celebrity, Intuition

How is this affecting your public standing? What is your intuition telling you?


Solution, Access

This will help you to open the proverbial doors in your life, what do you need to do?


Abundance, Money

How does this contribute to your cash flow? What ways can you see how this brings abundance?


Job, Stabilizer

What is keeping you stable? How is this affecting your career? Is this weighing you down/if so, why?


Trials, Spirituality 

What is contributing to your burdens? In what ways is this stemming from or affecting your spirituality? 


*Reword boundary questions as needed for the energy of the reading, also feel free to create your own depending on the keywords you use. 


So how is this used to interpret a reading then? (Generally, I write out my thoughts then piece together as a story) 

Let’s take this example:

1-Tarot: 5 of wands: scrimmage, power struggle, trying to be the first, a lack of unity and working together.

2-Oracle: Goat: leaps of faith, moxie, adventurous, hard headed, what are you willing to do?

3+5 Tarot: Judgement + Magician: Awakening to a higher call, seeing the issues and how to turn that energy into potential manifesting

7-Lenormand: Scythe: This needs to happen quick what do you need to cut away? A need to cut away the struggle in order to be able to fully hear the messages from one’s higher self, that part that wishes to take a leap of faith. The part that wants to see you unlock your full potential.  

4+6 Tarot: Hanged One +  9 of Wands: An intentional pause to see how far you’ve come, to grasp where you’re going— that the challenges in life have happened and you’re still here despite the constant skirmishes.

8-Lenormand: Clover: What small turns of fortunes have happened due to being exposed to these struggles? The opportunities have come with the ability to still be here and stand strong, to face what life has put in our way, we can see the opposition from a different perspective, learning many ways how not to do something— as growth. 

9+10+11- Lenormand: Sun, Heart, Stars: When you take that leap of faith into something that may seem difficult, your heart will shine brighter, let it be your guide. 


My actual reading on this spread, how it became interwoven as a story:

Sometimes scrimmaging amongst ourselves, gives us a better edge to tackle the larger issues at hand. Are you willing to keep climbing?

Question your motives and intentions as you go about your day. What is driving, influencing or pushing you? When we become too goal focused a sense of tunnel vision may occur. It may be time to elevate to a different vantage point so we can see the bigger picture. All around us some huge stuff is happening. Things are being revealed as the layers are cut back. 

We’ve been experiencing the backlash of a major crash. Witnessing a judgment of epic proportions, past actions are being examined and evaluated. Power is also being brought into question. Those who wielded it unwisely are being asked to stand front and center and be held accountable. Paving the way for new thinkers, a changing of hands. 

Being able to see how opportunities have presented themselves at precisely the right time along this journey. Even when it may have felt you couldn’t go a step further. Pausing and reflecting upon how far you’ve already come— will always be the fuel to keep going. You must keep going. Your heart shines brighter than it ever has before, guided by the prophecy that is your life. You are uniquely you, so show up, keep going and press on.



There really are no rules.  Rules are more like guidelines....feel free to take the techniques I’ve showcased and work with it to find your own preferred

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