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Ancestry Tree of Life Tarot Casting Board


Tarot can help us dive deep in many areas of our lives, Ancestry is one of them.  Lately I have been reading and exploring the Book “Ancestral Tarot”  by Nancy Hendrickson.  I love getting creative with my divination and while Ancestry is not a new course of study for me, bringing it to the Tarot has been.  I envisioned our Ancestral tree with the trunk being us and all those who came before in the branches.  

This Casting board features a larger Tarot placement (2.75” x 4.75”) to put focus on we may be branching off of, then all of the tile space savers allow you to branch out and see the energies surrounding those members of the family you are exploring.

This layout doesn’t have to be based solely in ancestry you could use the tile placements as prompts for contributing factors to a larger focus (the main card).  As with all of our casting boards, You are invited to get playful and trust your intuition!  

The details: 14.5” x 11.5” on 1/8” thick

*Wood tones may vary in person from what is seen on your monitor. 

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