Sawyer’s Path, A Tarot Journey- Digital Guidebook

Sawyer’s Path, A Tarot Journey- Digital Guidebook



The companion guidebook .pdf for the "Sawyer's Path" Tarot Deck. Sawyer's Path Tarot was created and illustrated by Jamie Sawyer.  When I finished the deck I asked my mother, Gail, if she would write the interpretations for the cards. This was 2 fold.  I love my mother’s writings, plus I wanted 78 tidbits of her wisdom to enjoy through the years whenever I needed it most. 

Featuring intuitive interpretations of the major and minor arcana as channeled by Gail; this book will give insights to the tarot in a way you may have never read before.

This is a basic .pdf only it will work in any .pdf reader.  There are no hyper links.

91 pages 

•Text is in English

To purchase the physical guidebook visit: Sawyer’s Path Hardcopy

**Guidebook is free with the purchase of a Tile Set** see link upon checkout. 


Sawyer’s Path Tarot Decks are no longer available in previous single printing versions.  I am launching a final printing via Kickstarter that will be a deluxe box set with Tarot 33.6, The Red Pencil Sketches.  Please visit:

SAWYER’S PATH on Kickstarter to be notified when the campaign goes live.

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