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Time Changes - 9x12 Tarot Casting Vinyl Sticker


Original artwork depicting an hourglass, snake and hands.

“Time heals all…” but does it? In this artwork I wanted to showcase how the sands of time are ever flowing. Through it, we are offered the opportunity of transformation (the snake). The hands depict the eternity that is space.  Making us wonder who really is calling the shots and resetting the hourglass in our life? How many opportunities do we get to reset our energetic journeys? It’s a wonderful thing to gaze up at the stars and know that they have shone for thousands of years giving each eye that captures them an opportunity to make a wish for a different experience.  When was the last time you reset your transformative sands? 

With places for full-size tarot cards and some of our tiles.  Of course you do not have to adhere to the placements, you can always disregard the placements and use them however you feel called! 

*Cards & Tiles sold separ

Create a DIY Casting board book with our 9 x 12 vinyl sticker inserts! 

📌Buy 4 stickers get 1 Free!!! Use code: “ StickerMe “ at checkout for discount.— MUST apply code at checkout to get discount. (See our other sticker listings for more variants!)

⬇️Watch this Video for a tutorial on how to put your stickers in a book: ⬇️


*Book Not included. I personally prefer the “reflexions double spiral field” ones found at: Jerry’s Artarama 

Sticker Size: 8.9” x 11.75” (23cm x 30cm) 

👉Please see the book photos to see how the example sticker looks in a 9x12 sketchbook with perforated tear out sheets.  (They also work amazing in an 11x14 book if that’s your preferred size!

Applying the stickers:
I’ve shared a quick video on how to apply the stickers.  Since they are vinyl they are a little thinner stock and have a slight stretch to them (Do your best to not stretch them.)


•Peel back a small section of the top to reveal the sticky bits

•Line the top edge of the sticker with your page

•Make a squeegee: Take a small piece of heavy card board (or one of our wooden card stands!) wrap it in a paper towel or soft cloth. 

•smooth the top sticker edge down with the diy squeegee 

•gently start peeling away the back of the sticker- this will naturally occur as you move the squeegee back and forth as you go down the page.  — this helps to limit bubbles under the surface.  

•once you get to the bottom smooth the sticker with the squeegee and you now have a color page ready for tarot casting! 

Take a picture and be sure to tag your posts with #Tarotcasting #creativeDivinationSessions 

Colors may vary due to monitors and screens 

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