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Floral Garden Tarot Casting Board - LAST CHANCE

$59.00 $72.00

A Tarot casting board with space for 2 cards (or more if you disregard the placements.) Sometimes less is more and you only need a card or 2 to start your day. The placements sized to fit a standard sized tarot card, are surrounded with the same design as the floral upright easel card stand. I added in a moth for good measure to pay tribute to the grounding nature of what happens around us when we aren't watching.  Plants grow, moths fly, the moon and sun continue their cycles.  

Personally, I like to use a couple cards and then add charms, crystals or lenormand tiles.  This is the layering system that seems to have become the cornerstone to my practice! 

Board Details: 11.5” x 11.5” x 1/8”.

Wood grain and tones may vary due to camera and computer screens.

©Jamie Sawyer all rights reserved 


See this board in action: