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Hexagonal Color Therapy Tarot Casting Series


Explore the hive mind through the lens of the color.

Inspired by the Color wheel casting series, these stickers allow you to focus on one at a time.  Taking you through the luminosity that they have to offer.  If you work with energy centers or Chakras, you may want one of these as a dedicated space for that practice.  

The hexagonal spaces are designed to fit our hexagonal tiles. However, if you don’t have a set of tiles, you can use it as a backdrop to evoke the power of sacred geometry and color.  

Available in the following options.

Choose from the following Styles:

•Complete Set of 9 Stickers (this option gives a slight discount)  


You will receive one like the photo. (The stickers are shown in a 9x12 sketchbook, you will receive a sticker only, the book is NOT included.) 

Check out this video for a demonstration on how to apply the stickers to a backing of your choice:

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