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Out of Hand Tarot Deck with Moonlit Faye Clutch Bundle


Out of Hand Tarot with matching Moonlit Faye Clutch Bundle. 

Moonlit Faye and I have collaborated through the years with all of my deck projects.  Every once in a while I am able to offer a bundle such as this one. We have very limited quantities of the collaborative clutches in stock— so once this listing is sold out, you’ll have to visit Moonlit Faye’s shop directly so see when she will have these bags back in stock. 

This listing includes 1 Moonlit Faye faye clutch featuring the Study print and 1 Out of Hand Tarot Deck.

What’s included in the Deck box:

  • 78 Cards 
  • standard sized Tarot Cards 2.75” x 4.75”
  • 350 gsm with matte laminate finish
  • Matte yellow edging 
  • 96 page little white book 
  • Up-right 2 piece verticle style box

👁About Out of Hand Tarot :

Life has a tendency to get Out of Hand... 
…When it does, enter the Tarot. 

Out of Hand Tarot features 78 images that invite you into the scenery. Experience the many ways to encounter lessons of the tarot through everyday interactions. Often looking to the cards for guidance and answers to life’s questions. Have something on your mind?  The symbols found within the Tarot may help shed light on your situation.  

Out of Hand Tarot is designed for all levels of enthusiasts. By translating iconic tarot images into modern day scenes, it helps to associate the lessons of the cards into what we already know.  

This deck was created as a spin-off/companion (dare we say sequel?) to our Pocket of Peers Tarot (Sold Out).  Based on the 7 cards which are not focused on a specfic Peer, rather the ones that depict a scene. The Aces remain the same, however the Fool, Wheel and World have all been revisited for Out of Hand (OOH).  

The reason we see this as an expansion to the Pocket of Peers (PoP) universe is that the style of artwork, card backs, cardstock and edging remain the same. This way if you wish to intermix the 2 decks and make a tailor made version with Scenarios and Peers, they will work seamless together! 

Larger guidebook sold separately.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Out of Hand Tarot is ©Jamie Sawyer 2022 all rights reserved

Moonlit Faye Tarot Clutches are ©Moonlit Faye all rights reserved 

Feel free to share the images readings and/or deck walkthroughs on social media, however no unauthorized reproductions are allowed.