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Pocket of Peers Tarot Tile Casting Board


A Casting Board created for Pocket of Peers Tarot Tiles (sold separately). A common theme that revealed itself when getting to know the prototypes of Pocket of Peers was a discussion of “what is on the table...” with this realization a table and chair set up begged to be brought to life.

This casting board features 2 design options:
Round Table: with a space holder for 2 regular sized cards in the middle- quite literally what is on the table. Then 12 positions circling the topic or issue at hand. These spaces can be like witnessing an unfolding conversation between the Peers that show up. They can also be used as a way to cast a year ahead spread. I’m not one to dictate your practice, so these are merely suggestions.

Daily Tarot: A twist on my classic Daily Tarot board with chair positions as well as the table. This is personally the one I use most for my daily practice, as it has spaces for 3 large cards, a jumbo seat for an oracle, and then 13 smaller spaces for tiles. Again a conversation about what’s on the table may unfold. 

I have come to use mixed systems, Tarot cards, Tarot tiles, Lenormand tiles, Portal cards and tiles; these boards have suggested space savers to place the cards and tiles in ways that allow a story to unfold. I don’t have a specific layout for the placement meanings. To me the Large center card is the over all energy for the reading, then each card placed down around it helps me to intuitively tell a story or bring for a collective message. (Tiles and Cards Sold Separately) Feel free to use this board in your own intuitive way. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! (Tag #TarotCasting #TarotTiles on social media!)

Board Details: 11.5” x 11.5” x 1/8”.

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