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Sawyer’s Lenormand Divination Dice

Sorry, this item is out of stock

Due to supply chain issues and not being able to get the blanks needed for these, we are out of stock. 

Dice divination with Sawyer’s Lenormand.  A fun way to incorporate Lenormand messages in your readings.  Use alone or layered with Tarot or other oracles! 

•6 Laser engraved 0.75 x 0.75 x0.75 inch wooden* dice 

Featuring 36 main card images from Sawyer’s Lenormand designed to work specifically for this project! 

Please note, the dice do not come with any instructions on how to read lenormand.  There are many amazing books out there, the symbols are all drawn according to the 36 traditional cards. 

*Woodgrains on the dice may have slight irregularities, this is always a factor when using organic materials.  

All artwork ©Jamie Sawyer/ Blind Luck Co