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Ancestry Tree Tarot Casting: Large Vinyl Book Sticker


We wanted to create a way to add the color casting boards to your Creative Divination Sessions books!  Enter the stickers! 

Featuring the Ancestral Tree Casting Board Image

Do you wish to add some color spreads to your casting board book, but may be too afraid to “mess it up” (news flash, you wont!  I really want you to color them! ) This is also a great way to add some of our newer color boards to the blankish pages in your books. 

These are slightly smaller than the ones used on our actual casting boards, however still amazingly functional and showcase the layouts.  They just feature our color rendition of some of the casting boards.  

*Book Not included. 

Sticker Size:  10.5” x 13.25” (27cm x 34cm)

📌Buy 4 stickers get 1 Free!!! Use code: “ StickerMe “ at checkout for discount.— MUST apply code at checkout to get discount. 

Applying the stickers:
I’ve shared a quick video on how to apply the stickers.  Since they are vinyl they are a little thinner stock and have a slight stretch to them (Do your best to not stretch them.)


•Peel back a small section of the top to reveal the sticky bits

•Line the top edge of the sticker with your page

•Make a squeegee: Take a small piece of heavy card board (or one of our wooden card stands!) wrap it in a paper towel or soft cloth. 

•smooth the top sticker edge down with the diy squeegee 

•gently start peeling away the back of the sticker- this will naturally occur as you move the squeegee back and forth as you go down the page.  — this helps to limit bubbles under the surface.  

•once you get to the bottom smooth the sticker with the squeegee and you now have a color page ready for tarot casting! 

Take a picture and be sure to tag your posts with #Tarotcasting #creativeDivinationSessions 

Comes shipped in a mailing tube unless ordered with a book, then it will arrive in the first page of the book. 

Colors may vary due to monitors and screens 
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