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Crystal Skull Envelope Journal


Hand made journal featuring a print depicting the ”Crystal Skull” Copic marker artwork by Jamie Sawyer. 

A unique journal made from a catalog envelope, or manilla envelope as we used to call them! This journal boasts 44 pages in the signature (11 sheets folded in half counting the fronts and backs) it’s the perfect size for a monthly diary.  

I personally use mine as a dedicated monthly tarot tracker to record notes, paste in embellishments and record those “aha”moments.  How you use yours is entirely up to you!  It’s the perfect size, not too chunky or overwhelming.  

In addition to the back cover being the main part of the catalog envelope, the front inner cover embellishment is also a pocket, if you need extra space for receipts, cards or whatnot! 

Pages include coffee dyed, lined, sketchbook paper, construction paper and more! 

Size is just under 9”tall by about 6” wide 

You will receive this exact journal. 

Artwork ©Jamie Sawyer 2022, 2023