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Tarot Tracker digital pdf


I created this digital notebook as a way to keep track of my daily card pulls.  I wanted something quick and easy.  I have found that I tend to over-complicate things to a point that I won’t keep up with.  I wanted to re-connect with my tarot practice, so this this Tracker was the perfect solution.  I hope it may invite you to want to do the same! 

 15 Page Digital pdf, 12 months with a cover and 2 extra blank pages. 

In the photos are some examples of how I’ve come to use mine in the app GoodNotes

I have each suit color coded and then import a digital sticker of the card of the day. (My example has the Sawyer’s Path Digital stickers shown)

 *You could always take a photo and add it to your app… you could also print this out and use it in a physical notebook as well!— It’s your practice! 

I also write a few key words that come to mind about the card, then I just go about my day. 

No matter how you decide to use this Tracker, I hope it brings a lot of connection with your daily card practice! 

*While the front page may have the 2022 year on it, the months are actually not labeled, so you can put the dates in as needed! 

©Jamie Sawyer 2022 All Rights Reserved

This is a digital download, No refunds will be given.