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Sawyer's Nature Squared Oracle Tiles and Board- LAST CHANCE



Dive Deeper with this revamped version of our beloved Oracle Deck. 

Our Portals get a slight makeover for this tile set.  Each small 1.5" x 1.5"square tile  features an image from Sawyer's Nature Portals, slightly cropped and now with a label for the creature on the card.  

The Tiles come with a "Terra Tableau" Casting board.  A design idea borrowed from the Grand Tableau in Lenormand.  The Terra Tableau feature 52 spaces, one for each square tile. Used in tandem with the portal cards, it allows you to hone in on your message by finding that being in the tableau and exploring the 6 surrounding cards for a much deeper meaning. 

For a video demonstration of the Terra Tableau visit: 

The tiles come in a laser engraved puzzle style box and the tile backs feature an engraved version of the Nature Portal card backs. 

*Please not that the Companion Journal for Sawyer's Nature Portals is available in Digital form, you will receive the link for that with your order.  (It’s on a sticker)

For the physical guide it's available HERE (Lulu is a 3rd party book printing site, we do not have any control over processing or shipping times.)

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