I love to collaborate with other indie creators. From Tarot, Lenormand, or Oracle Tiles sets to matching hand sewn bags created specifically for decks and tiles by my best friend Jenna of Moonlit Faye.  I believe in community over competition— that by acknowledging our strengths and working together, we all rise.  

Here are some of our current collaborations.  I am beyond grateful to share such a growing creative space in the divination community with these folx!

Moonlit Faye - “Creative solutions to deck storage problems” Handsewn Tarot Bags by Jenna Diaz.

Jenna makes matching bags for most of our Decks and Tile creations. Jenna and I connected through our love of tarot and creation. 


Benebell Wen - Teacher, Author, Creator of Spirit Keeper’s Tarot 
We’ve teamed up with Benebell to create a tile version of Spirit Keeper’s Tarot Vitruvian Edition!
Fables Den - Kimberly Tsan, Creator of Way of the Panda Tarot, Sparkly Lenormand and Spread Machine Oracle Cards
We’ve teamed up with Kimberly to create a tile version of The Way of the Panda Tarot!
Coffee with the Fool - Jess Rollar, Creator of Squidcake Marseille, Monster Lenormand and The Strange Lenormand
We’ve teamed up with Jess. To create tile versions of all 3 decks as well as a Casting board that matches the theme of The Strange Lenormand.  Jess’ style is playful and bold, we love how it integrates so nicely into the creative divination model! 
Crystal unicorn tarot
Pamela ChenPamela is the creator of the Crystal Unicorn Tarot, Illustrated by Lisa Higuchi.  She is also a Llewelyn published author and deck creator with The Witchlings Academy released in February of 2021.  
We’ve teamed up with Pam to create a tile version of Crystal Unicorn Tarot!
Wandering Moon Tarot
The Wandering Moon Co. - Rachael Jean is the creator of The Wandering Moon Tarot. A minimalistic black and white deck, illustrated entirely by hand using pen and ink. 
We’ve teamed up with Rachael to create a tile version of The Wandering Moon
Numinous Tarot
Numinous Spirit Press - Cedar McCloud is the creator of The Numinous Tarot, The Threadbound Oracle, The (un)Certain Oracle and Author of The Thread that Binds.
 We’ve teamed up with Cedar to create a tile version of The Numinous Tarot!
Haunted Lenny
Divination Apothecary - Loreen Muzik is the creator of The Haunted Lenormand and many other Lenormand, Oracle, and Tarot Decks! 
We’ve teamed up with Loreen to create a tile version of The Haunted Lenormand!
Hilda tarot
The Hilda Tarot and Lenormand, compiled into divination form by Esther Joy, referencing original illustrations by Duane Byers.  
We’ve teamed up with Esther to create tile versions of both Hilda! (Releasing 5/1/21)
Simplicity Tarot - Emilie Muñiz creator of Simplicity Tarot and Simplicity Tarot Diverse Edition- soon to be released by US Games Inc, this collaboration is a very limited time offer. 
We’ve teamed up with Emilie to create tile versions of the Simplicity Tarot Diverse Edition!
the 8th House Tarot- Created by Sara Calvarese owner and entrepreneur of Shop The 8th House.  We’ve teamed up with Sara to create a tile version of her amazing deck! 

Creators we love to collab with: