I love to collaborate with other indie creators. From Tarot, Lenormand, or Oracle Tiles sets to matching hand sewn bags created specifically for decks and tiles by my best friend Jenna of Moonlit Faye.  I believe in community over competition— that by acknowledging our strengths and working together, we all rise.  

Here are some of our active collaborations.  If a set you were looking for is not listed, then that means the contract has run out and we are no longer making those tiles.  If you have a such set then your tiles are now officially a collectors item— as they are officially OOP (out of production!) 

I am beyond grateful to share such a growing creative space in the divination community with these folx!

Moonlit Faye - “Creative solutions to deck storage problems” Handsewn Tarot Bags by Jenna Diaz.

Jenna makes matching bags for most of our Decks and Tile creations. Jenna and I connected through our love of tarot and creation. 

 *** We are no longer offering Tile Collaborations with indie creators. ***