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Hexagonal Lenormand Tiles


Hexagonal Lenormand Tiles! 

Featuring the artwork from our Mandala Tokens in full color with a new pleasing shape. 
A 36 piece tile set complete with matching engraved box.

Made to Order * Tile sets take up to 2 weeks to create.

A new take on the Lenormand system.  These tiles demand patterns and invite you to play in a new focused way!  The unique shape allows you to read easily in horizontals, diagonals and now offers up to 6 different lines in which to read where a card touches.  

We love this set and just know you will too! 


Each tile set will come with a small printed pamphlet that offers various layout or “Stack” suggestions— from a simple 2 tile stack to the 36 Hex Tableau! We also want to encourage you to allow your own connections and readings grow with these geometric treasures.

The Hex Lenny Tiles are Each tile measures approximately 2” (5.10cm) at thier widest point, the tiles are cut from Baltic birch  and burnt for a unique weathered effect. The images are printed on high quality vinyl then resin sealed for a completely durable and unique look.The backs depict a detailed spiraling mandala. 

Artwork &  design concept created by Jamie Sawyer All rights reserved. 

Lenormand & Tarot Tiles are ©JamieSawyer336 / Blind Luck Co

Please read our Disclaimers page to learn a bit more about our Tile sets.