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Sawyer’s Path Daily Tarot Tile Casting Board — LAST CHANCE

$40.00 $53.00

Sawyer’s Path Tarot was the deck that started this whole journey for me.  This board sets the stage to bring together the full color version and the red pencil sketches known as Tarot 33.6

This is the board that debuted with the Farewell Tour Kickstarter campaign.

Daily Tarot casting has become integral within my own Tarot Practice. I like to utilize all of the creations we make. Tarot Decks, Oracled Decks, Tarot Tiles, Lenormand Tiles and the like.  This board layout has positions that showcase those energies. I always suggest you to use them intuitively, however I have photos on my INSTAGRAM where I’ve used this layout.

A decorative backdrop to your favorite readings.  

 Board Details: 11.5” x 11.5” x 1/8”. *Tarot Tiles and Cards sold separately 

*Wood tones may vary in person from what is seen on your monitor. 

©Jamie Sawyer / Blind Luck Co 2022