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Tarot in the House, 9x12 Personalized Casting Sticker


Tarot in the House! (Astrological House that is!) 

This design features the 4 tarot aces in the corners for a checkin in the realms of Earth,  Water, Air and Fire. However the central focus is the main draw.  A Customized natal chart surrounded by the Major Arcana for the 12 Houses of the zodiac. 

1: Aries— The Emperor
2: Taurus — The Hierophant
3: Gemini— The Lovers
4: Cancer— The Chariot
5: Leo— Strength
6: Virgo— The Hermit
7: Libra— Justice
8: Scorpio— Death
9: Sagittarius— Temperance
10: Capricorn— The Devil
11: Aquarius— The Star
12: Pisces— The Moon

The artwork is from my RWS Sawyer’s Redux edition.  Your Natal chart will be placed in the center.

****ADD YOUR BIRTH DETAILS IN THE NOTES section of the checkout. I will need : Birth Time, Birth Place, Birth Date. **** 
I use the “Time Passages” app to cast the chart in the Placidus system. If you have a different  system  you prefer I use add that to the notes as well… if it’s not mentioned I will default to placidus.

I am NOT an astrologer, there will NOT be any more information about your natal chart included with your purchase, if you want a reading or a breakdown, please seek out an actual astrologer. This listing is for the sticker only. 

A way to add a personalized tarot Casting Sticker to your Creative Divination Sessions books, or perhaps you have a desire to create your own 9x12 sketchbook journal and wish to add a little it of flair!   This variant adds a unique touch!

Do you wish to add some color spreads to your casting board book, but may be too afraid to “mess it up” (news flash, you wont!  I really want you to color them! ) This is also a great way to add some of our newer color boards to the blankish pages in your books. 

*Books Not included. 

Sticker Size: 8.9” x 11.75” (23cm x 30cm)

Applying the stickers:
I’ve shared a quick video on how to apply the stickers.  Since they are vinyl they are a little thinner stock and have a slight stretch to them (Do your best to not stretch them.)


•Peel back a small section of the top to reveal the sticky bits

•Line the top edge of the sticker with your page

•Make a squeegee: Take a small piece of heavy card board (or one of our wooden card stands!) wrap it in a paper towel or soft cloth. 

•smooth the top sticker edge down with the diy squeegee 

•gently start peeling away the back of the sticker- this will naturally occur as you move the squeegee back and forth as you go down the page.  — this helps to limit bubbles under the surface.  

•once you get to the bottom smooth the sticker with the squeegee and you now have a color page ready for tarot casting! 

Take a picture and be sure to tag your posts with #Tarotcasting #creativeDivinationSessions 

Comes shipped in a mailing tube unless ordered with a book, then it will arrive in the first page of the book. 

Colors may vary due to monitors and screens 
©Jamie Sawyer 2022 All rights reserved


***This is a custom Item and is NOT included in the sticker sale code.