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Travl’r Rune Tiles



Made to Order * Tile sets take up to 2 weeks to create.

In collaboration with my mother, Gail Sawyer, we have teamed up to bring her Rune Cards into miniature form.  (You can find the card DECK HERE

What is so fun about Gail’s images are that they have the elder Futhark alphabet with upright and reversed keywords for the new reader.  (I personally fall into this category) 

A 24 piece mini Travl’r Rune tile set complete with matching engraved box.

These can be cast like traditional runes, shuffled on a table or drawn from a bag for your messages. (I personally prefer the bag pull method from a Moonlit Faye bag!)

Each tile measures approximately 1.25”x 2”, (3.18cm x 5.10cm) the tiles are cut from Baltic birch  and burnt for a unique weathered effect. The images are printed on high quality vinyl then resin sealed for a completely durable and unique look.

The backs feature a stylized laser etched Viking compass that is on the actual card deck backs.

 📌please note, there is no book with the tiles you will have to look to the internet to find a book on how to read runes if you are new to the system. This listing is for the tiles only. 

Tarot, Lenormand & Oracle Tiles are ©JamieSawyer336 / Blind Luck Co

Travl’r Runes are ©Gail Sawyer used with her permission for this project. 

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