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In the Dreaming a Digital Journal


A 100 page digital notebook/journal.  Set up to help with dream recall and documenting your interpretations using Tarot, Oracle, Lenormand or other divination systems.

Design for use with a .pdf reader apps such as GoodNotes, Notability, XODO

(I personally use GoodNotes on my iPad and desktop Mac) 

This journal is fairly basic.

Each “In the Dreaming” section has “pages” that allow space to reflect to one night of dreaming, at least this is how I use it.  
•The main page has space for dream recall, to jot down what you remember or how you felt.  

•After that a Tarot spread is offered up with placements that reflect the Dream Casting Tarot Board.

•Then a section for deep dives within the cards as they become your key to understanding the symbols offered up by your unconscious mind.  

•Lastly a section for “After thoughts” this is where you can reflect on recurring  themes and or feelings.  

Personal thoughts on why I created this journal:

Lately, I have been on a journey of understanding my dreams and the messages they may have for my waking mind.  If Dreams are a symbolic language from our subconscious then Tarot is a perfect codex for understanding them— tarot and Oracle are created from the world of symbols and can be used as a map for interpretation.  

I figured that this may also be something you are interested in!  

I kept the layout simple on this one as that has proven to be the best way, for me, to explore this realm. 

©Jamie Sawyer/ Blind Luck Co — All rights reserved 

*Language is in English. 

 This is a digital download, No refunds will be given.