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Desktop Tarot Deck Storage Tray: 2 deck capacity


This new product was born out of a desire to keep my creative space neat and tidy, while still having my decks close by. 

A slimline Deck Storage Tray that holds up to 2 decks.  Offered in 2 sizes, Standard Tarot or Indie Sized.  Featuring a lotus and filigree pattern around the outer sides. 

Outer Length: 11” 

Outer Width:
•Standard: 1.75”
•Indie: 2.25”

Inner Trays can hold decks up to 5” tall 
Standard Deck Tray can fit a basic mass market deck with a, little wiggle room for extra cards: The inner dimension is: 5” x 1.25”

Indie Deck Tray can fit a basic Indie deck.  The example shown is Pocket of Peers (Yellow) which is 350gsm with 81 cards. The inner dimension is 5” x 1 6/8”

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