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Digital Dioramas: RWS Exploration, for use in GoodNotes


Explore the Rider Waite-Smith universe in a new way with these dissected backdrops. 

Note: for use with the GoodNotes app only! 

The character artwork featured is from my 1909 RWS Sawyer’s Redux edition. The backgrounds have been simplified and lightened to fall into the background they have also been expanded to create a larger horizontal image. The characters from the cards appear as pre-loaded digital elements in the side bars of each page.  You can easily load them into your main elements to use in other goodnotes workbooks or journals.  

Create new dioramas out of the cards that show up in your pulls! One way to use this is to intentionally pull a card to represent the background, and then some cards to make up a reading.  Then select the characters from the cards and arrange them in the scenery to see what messages they may have for you in a new visual context! 

Specifically designed to work with the journaling application "GoodNotes"  You can find the app in the app store on your devices or follow the link:

*It will NOT open in other apps as it is a goodnotes file. 

This is a digital download, No refunds will be given. 

80 linked pages  

For personal use only. ©Jamie Sawyer 2023

All Rights reserved 

Based off of the artwork of Pamela Coleman Smith as directed by Arthur Edward Waite for the Rider-Waite Tarot 1909