Shipping Disclaimer

If you’ve ordered something that is “made to order” please allow 1-2 weeks for creating. You will receive a shipping notification as soon as it’s on it’s way to you. 

We do our best to ship all orders, with the exception of Tile sets and custom natal charts within 3-5 Business days of purchase.

Once an item is scanned into the USPS and is issued a tracking number, we have no control on how fast the postal service will get it to you.

US Domestic Orders
All orders are shipped either USPS first class or Priority we do not offer other shipping partnerships at this time. 

International Orders (*Please see Germany and UK disclaimers below)
Please note that You, the Buyer are responsible for any VAT, tariff, duty, taxes, handling fees, customs clearance charges etc. required by your country for importing consumer goods. We do not collect this beforehand, and can’t give you an estimate of the cost, because it varies widely around the world. Please do your research so you’re ready to get your package cleared through customs and have an idea of what the additional cost will be.

Furthermore, we can NOT alter customs forms to off-set pricing. This is illegal and violators are subject to fines of up to $10,000usd
Click here for an informative read on this topic...

Please be patient, once your package is handed over to the USPS- It becomes your property please keep note of your tracking number.

********PLEASE NOTE************
Once a package is scanned into the USPS it is no longer deemed our property, the responsibility is transferred to You, the Buyer.

It is up to the buyer to make sure the shipping address is accurate and correct as we have no control over shipping methods, routes or customs. You will receive a tracking number to which you can keep updated on the progress of the package. In the event you do not receive your item, please first check the tracking and with your local post office. Some items may be delayed due to customs or proximity of location in your, town, city or country. If an item is held at customs, again this is not our responsibility it is up to you as the buyer to make sure the items being ordered are allowed in your country.

No refunds will be given for lost packages that have been scanned and are trackable. If an item is deemed lost contact USPS to file a claim.

UPDATES to International Shipping as of 1/1/2024

Germany: Due to changes in international laws and import policies, we will be unable to ship to Germany as of January 1st 2024.  We do not do the volume of orders to justify the registration and filing costs for the proper permits. We apologize for this inconvenience. 

United Kingdom: We have NOT been able to obtain a VAT number so we are unable to comply with the changing laws export tax laws. If you wish to purchase something from our shop, please know that you, the buyer are responsible for ALL VAT  incurred upon package arrivals.  

Please note, We are a very small business and unfortunately do not have the same resources as larger corporations to be able to get certificates or obtain tax compliances.  The potential fines outweigh the amount we would make on a sale. Making it not cost effective from a business standpoint.  We appreciate your understanding.