Casting Boards

Decorative engraved tarot casting boards for use with your practice. There’s no right or wrong way, trust your intuition and get lost in the playful divination. 

Wooden casting boards are made of a faux maple composite, which is still an organic material, some slight warping is not uncommon.

Color casting boards are created using a matte vinyl sticker layered onto a bare base.  These stickers are applied by hand, the human element will always show up.  We do our best to center the images when placing the stickers, however they may not be completely in the center— meaning the outside wooden border may be slightly off or uneven if you measure it, this does not affect the usability of the board. 

The board bases are laser cut, there may be some slight surface burns on the backs from flare ups, we do our best to prevent this using a masking tape, however due to the extreme heat of the laser sometimes the burns happens. It is not a flaw and does not alter the integrity of the board or its usability. 

Wood grain pattern and color may vary slightly from piece to piece- you will receive one like the photo. (Also computer monitors vary as well so the color on the screen may be slightly different in brilliance from what you receive.) Laser engraved and cut.

No Refunds or Exchanges will be given for any board due to the above issues.  Only items that have been physically damaged in shipping will be considered for an exchange or refund.  Ie: Broken corners, cracks, or fractures in the material due to shipping.