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Tiny Linocut Lenormand Tiles— LAST CHANCE

$124.00 $138.00

Hand crafted 38 piece Tiny Linocut Lenormand wooden tile set complete with a Smaller version of our Grand Tableau Casting Board, Made specifically to fit the Tiny Lenormand tiles.

MADE TO ORDER allow 1-2 weeks for creation before you’ll receive a shipping notification.

38 Sawyer’s Tiny Linocut Lenormand Tiles 

visit my YOUTUBE for a walk through of these:

Tiles based off of the artwork from Sawyer’s Lenormand. The images were hand carved using a block print method then printed, scanned and shrunken down to bring to you, this version of tiles.  

Throw your way through the *Mini* tableau with these heirloom treasures. Cast them like runes, shuffled on a table or drawn from a bag for your messages. 

Sawyer’s Linocut Lenormand as miniature heirloom Lenormand Tiles with matching Mini (grand) Tableau Casting Board

Each tile measures approximately 1”x 1.5”, (2.54cm x 3.81cm) the tiles are cut from Baltic birch  and burnt for a unique weathered effect. The images are printed on high quality vinyl then resin sealed for a completely durable and unique look.

The backs feature the engraved version of the linocut lenormand backs.

Your order also includes a 9” x 9” (22.86cm x 22.86cm) Mini Tableau Casting Board featuring the grand tableau house tile placements, with a key word for each.  

The tiles come in a sheer organza bag (random color will be selected) the Moonlit Faye Bag shown in the reel is NOT included and can be found at  *your tiles come in the sheer organza bag*

*Please note that the burnt edges may vary due to wood patterns, The backs will feature the shown design but may look a little different charred, some debris and wood splintering may occur upon first uses— This will go away with use.

Sawyer’s Lenormand Tiles ©Jamie Sawyer / Blind Luck Co

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