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Sawyer’s Lenormand Oracle Card Deck


Sawyer’s Lenormand V2.0

Take a ride through the grand tableau of Lenormand, with the colorful vision of tattoo artist, Jamie Sawyer.

Herein you will find her interpretations of the classic imagery.

Deck details:
38- Full Color 2.5”x 3.5” cards (poker sized)***
Inside a Tuck box
310gsm casino smooth finish

Please note, there are  4 signifier cards, 2 each of #38 and #39 they differ slightly in color and backgrounds so there is a difference between the 2 lady and 2 gentleman.


***These are smaller than tarot cards. This is customary in most (not all) Lenormand decks- because there’s a spread called the “Grand Tableau” where you read ALL 36 cards spread out at once, having a smaller sized card allows an easier placement on your surface for this spread

THERE IS NO GUIDEBOOK INCLUDED WITH THIS DECK; If you are new to this divination system,and want more information please check out some of the many amazing books and websites already published. I do not feel I’d be able to hold a candle to their already thorough explanations.

Whether you choose to use them as intended or as an Oracle, I’m pleased you are considering adding my deck to your collection!

Sawyer’s Lenormand is © Jamie Sawyer