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Please note that our email hours are Monday- Friday 9am - 5pm est.

We will do our best to get back you you in a timely manner.  

*If an item is no longer active in our store, then that means we have chosen to retire it or remove it and it will not be coming back. 

*If a deck is SOLD OUT then that means we no longer have any copies in our inventory and are not re-printing.

*BEWARE COUNTERFIET DECKS. I am fully aware there are fake decks being sold on eBay, temu and probably elsewhere.  They are part of the reason I am no longer going to be creating decks.
Do not message me about them, it only makes me upset. 

Visit our FAQ page for many other common inquiries which have already been addressed: 


**If you are looking for my Tattoo Portfolio and booking information please visit: www.JSawyerStudio.com 

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