You’ve got some questions?  We’ve got answers.  
Life is full of questions, this list will be ever growing and changing. (Insert parallel connection to the journey of life)  

Do you offer Wholesale Pricing?

Since we are an online retailer that ships worldwide to a global market we are unable to offer wholesale or bulk pricing. Thank you for your inquiry into our creations. 


The deck I want is out of stock! Will you be reprinting your Sawyer’s Path Tarot and Sawyer’s Lenormand Decks?

Sawyers Path: After the successful printing of the 2021 Farewell Tour of Sawyer’s Path Tarot funded on kickstarter, we will NOT be reprinting the deck. If it is out of stock, then it is now OUT OF PRINT we have no more in stock, it has been retired. 

Sawyer’s Lenormand: We may do additional printings of this deck, please sign up for our newsletter to be notified when it is back in stock.  


Hi I love your work!  Do you have a discount code you can give me? 

Ummm, Thank you.  (We think?)
We do not offer discount codes upon request, as a small business this model does not bode well as a strategy for sustainable success.  It’s hard to keep up as it is with big box stores and inspired copies.  So speaking on behalf of creators and small businesses everywhere, if you love our work, feel free to support our worth by purchasing and adding a piece of our magic to your home. 


I placed an order and am wondering when I will receive it.

You will be notified via email and/or text (depending on your settings at checkout) when your items ship. We ship Monday, Wednesday and Friday. During these times of Covid-19 limiting trips to the post office to 3 times a weeks helps to keep us healthy and socially distant.  
Here are estimated production times:

  • Tile Sets- This includes Tarot, Lenormand and all Oracles - 2 Weeks before we ship.  Please be patient you will 
  • Card Decks- In stock and will ship on the next shipping day
  • Custom Natal Chart casting boards- Please allow up to 5 days for the creation of these. To speed up the process make sure you include your details with your order.  If we have to contact you and wait for answers this will cause delays. 
  • Everything Else- our engraved and laser cute items are created in house and your order will be added to the production list in the order received.  Please allow 3-5 days for creation. 

Please visit our TERMS pages to read more about shipping/delivery expectations.


I love your Pocket of Peers Tarot cards, can I commission a card painting of myself and some family members as the ______?

At this time I do not have the time to take on such commissions nor do I have a pricing plan in place. Truth is each card takes anywhere from 4-10 hours to create, (and that’s only in drawing time alone, not including the back and forth messaging and concept development)- I fear the price alone would make you not really want one. Thank you again for enjoying my art and this specific project!


I love your bold colors, I have a deck idea in mind, can I hire you to be my artist?

First of all, thank you for asking I am truly flattered.  However, I am not an artist for hire.  So the short answer is No. I do love that you asked and enjoy my art enough to want it for your deck. There are so many amazing deck artists for hire, however I am not one of them.  


Can I get a Tile set made of my Favorite deck?

Unfortunately the answer to this is No.  
We are only allowed to create decks with specific licensing from the Deck Creator or Publishing House.  If you have an Indie Deck creator in mind that you’d love to see us collaborate with, send us their name and we can open channels of discussion with them. However keep in mind that not all creators are willing to go down this collaborative effort.  (As an artist, I totally get being protective over their creative projects)


I am an Indie Deck Creator and I’d love to collaborate with you, can you add my deck to your tile catalog for sale? 

Maybe—  there are a few factors we consider before deciding to collaborate with fellow artists. How well the artwork translates to miniature form. (Some decks that are extremely detailed, may lose readability the smaller the images get.) There’s also the marketing factor, a lot goes into the setup and time to create the prototypes so we want to make sure that your tiles will do well and be well received. If you’re wanting a set just for yourself, that can be arranged, and brings us to the next question...


I am an Indie Deck Creator, can I get a one off set of tiles that features my deck?

Yes— as long as you are not under contract with a Publishing House, and retain all rights of reproduction to your artwork.  The pricing will vary depending on how many cards are in your deck as well as a design/layout fee.  We put a lot of work into creating the artwork for the box and tile backs so that they match your decks’ Aesthetic.  Please fill out the contact form to get the conversation rolling!


I have a miniature card deck that I’d love for you to turn into a set of Tiles, can I send them to you and also how much will it be?

Maybe — we treat this like a one off collaborative effort, in terms of taking your physical mini card deck and turning it into a set of tiles.  Pricing will depend on all the technical factors that are involved.  Layouts, Templates and designing the artwork for the tile backs and creating a matching puzzle box to fit your unique set. We already have specific sizing templates for the standard we create, this effort falls outside of those parameters. You also must be aware that resin forever transforms the cards, adding it to the surface can never be undone. If you are still interested please fill out the contact form to get the conversation started!


What is an Indie Deck, and why do you keep using that terminology?

An “Indie” deck is a self-published deck that is not under contract with a large mass-market publishing house. These decks tend to be more expensive and come with attention to details that are not found in mass market decks.  Boxes tend to be more ornate, magnetic closures, two piece, matte finish with foil embossing.  The Card stock is generally of better quality, thicker with a wide array of finishes. Sometimes creators choose to edge them in colors or foil.  Indie deck creators work with the deck printers from the very beginning to the end for quality control.  So while the prices tend to be higher, you are usually getting a nicer product.  


What is a Mass-market deck or Publishing House and what do you keep referring to that terminology? 

Mass-market decks are produced by big name publishing houses (US Games Inc, Llewelyn, Hay House, Red Feather, Schaffer to name just a few).  They tend to be less expensive than indie decks due to the sheer quantities that they can order from printing companies. Publishing Houses are upping their print game as they’ve been seeing the popularity of indie decks and a desire for more unique packaging and better card stock. Many Indie Deck creators get picked up by publishing houses, and this is exciting. It also means that they are under contract and no longer control the quality of the deck being produced.  We love mass market decks just as much as Indie Decks, we like to collect them all! 



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