Spirit Boards, Wood, Paper and Ink

Spirit Boards, Wood, Paper and Ink

This is a touchy subject for some.  Based on superstitions and lore passed down through generations. Here I share a few of my own personal thoughts about Talking boards and other divination tools, such as tarot, scrying boards, grids... the list goes on.

Wood, Paper and Ink.
These are some of the magical tools of our community.

Tarot is a “book” that tells its story in layers. Lenormand gives you that quick conduit to the facts at hand. (It can be eerily blunt and accurate). Talking boards, pendulum boards, crystal grids, Wands, the list goes on. They all give us access to channeling our energy and the quantum energy that’s is in everything.
I believe the biggest magic comes from within, “I am”, “I Intend”, “I manifest”....

The intention that you put into these tools is what you will get out of them. The words you speak aloud (spells) send your focus and energy into the universe.
Beliefs attached to these magical tools are inherited and passed down from generation to generation, from those words to our ears - to “laws” or rules to superstitions. The inherited awe as well as the fear. (Rules are meant to be re-evaluated and rewritten if they no longer serve the highest good)

I personally come from a place of love with all my creations- it’s from that place that the lines and colors kiss the paper, absorb into the plain pulp to bring new life. As the colors spread, they start to tell my little version of story that was here before me. One that’ll be here long after. When those lines get burned into wood, it’s still just my version, my tribute, my awe of those old inherited systems.

In the end these items only have power because we choose to give our own power to that tangible item. It helps us to channel our focus and set our intention. The cards may help you access deeper parts of your mind that may have been hidden- to help you with breakthroughs, in the end it’s still you doing the work. We all have free will to make choices. Choose love or fear, it’s up to you.
I personally like to live my life in love. 🙏🏻

An it harm none, do as ye will. As above so below, so mote it be.

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