Truths about Free Shipping

Hidden costs of “Free Shipping”.  

Free shipping is NEVER free.
As someone who has sold online for years and was forced to compete with the likes of big box companies like Amazon, it’s impossible to keep up— small businesses can not navigate that lane without incurring loss.  
Whenever you see something with “Free Shipping”, more often than not, the price has been inflated so that you think you’re getting it for free. It’s a psychological trick.  Being an Etsy seller for years, they encouraged sellers to offer a “Free Shipping Guarantee”  in exchange for prime placement in their search engine.  (This is all publicly searchable in their forums and Etsy policies).  We were reluctant to sign up for it because our items are on the heavier side.  Yet we noticed that our items weren’t being seen, so we signed up for the guarantee... What this meant was we raised our prices across the board to make up for the difference.  So the consumer was still paying for the shipping it was just factored across the listings. 

Here in the new store, we made the decision to lower our prices, so that you would pay fair shipping costs based on weight and your location.  There’s still times when we, the sellers, have to pay an extra dollar or two because the calculator is not infallible and the weights don’t add up correctly until the box is packaged and on it’s way to you.  This is the cost of shipping and online business.  

With all this being said, we are so grateful you are here and choose to support a small grassroots business.