Notices and Disclaimers

By purchasing from our shop, you are supporting a small home based business. All artwork is ©Jamie Sawyer unless otherwise noted -as such on collaborative tile sets. Engraved items are made with our in house laser and ©Blind Luck Co

Furthermore, your orders help us to be able to continue to create and come up with new items to enhance your daily practice and ritual spaces. We are eternally grateful for your continued support.

Charitable Contributions:
We also believe in giving back to the community who supports us, each month we have been able to donate portions of the proceeds to various small grassroots organizations, mainly those that help marginalized folx amplify their own creative visions and voices. In addition to helping our fellow humans we have always had a soft spot for animal sanctuaries and rescue groups. So for this we thank you, as your purchases help us pay it forward. In a time where systemic racism is being dismantled under the cloud of a global pandemic, we must all do our part- and realizing that will show up differently depending on where we are on our journeys.

International Shipping: 

Germany: Due to changes in international laws and import policies, we will be unable to ship to Germany as of July 1st.  

United Kingdom: We have NOT been able to obtain a VAT number so we are unable to comply with the changing laws export tax laws. If you wish to purchase something from our shop, please know that you, the buyer are responsible for ALL VAT  incurred upon package arrivals.  To prevent this you can buy from our ETSY shop and pay the VAT at the time of your purchase. 

Please note, We are a very small business and unfortunately do not have the same resources as larger corporations to be able to get certificates or obtain tax compliances.  The potential fines outweigh the amount we would make on a sale. Making it not cost effective from a business standpoint.  We appreciate your understanding.


Casting Boards:
A little note about some of our larger wooden items (Casting boards, larger card stands (cherry ply), altar decor, easel card stands) - They are made of a plywood composite, which is still an organic material, some slight warping is not uncommon. We do our best to source pieces that are level, but even in doing so the nature of the wood and the heat of the laser may cause imperfections. In fact- most of my own boards have a slight warp— meaning they aren’t 100% flush when laying on a flat surface. This doesn’t negate their ability to still function as a backdrop or even hold the cards in an upright fashion. I generally store my larger items on a flat surface when not in use, you can also place heavier books on it to help flatten, if you live in a high heat or humid area.

Tarot, Lenormand, Oracle Tiles: 

Made to Order— All sets take up to 2 weeks to create. 
Like with all hand-made items there is a margin for the human element. We do our best to inspect each piece for flaws, however, since we are not a robots, and resin can be fickle- there may be some slight imperfections, which adds character and ensures that your set is truly one of a kind. 

Imperfections may include: bubbles that escaped the initial burn off, perhaps some resin soaked into the thirsty wooden border around the image, hints of resin on the backs, a speckle of lint that found it's way to the surface in the 24 hour cure period despite our best efforts.

These are all handmade and while I do my best to inspect them, somethings may go unnoticed.  👋🏼 Also there may be a little soot the first few times you use the tiles. This will go away with use.


All items are intended for entertainment purposes only.
I am not a professional Tarot Reader, Astrologist, Crystal Healer, or otherwise “Spiritual Guru”.
When you welcome one of my creations into your home, you are getting a small piece of my heart and soul and I do my best to make sure everything is as “perfect” as possible. However, I am not a robot, so there will always be an aspect of the human element. Furthermore purchasing one of my esoteric offerings will not predict your future, change your past or heal you of whatever ails you.These are simply a tool to help you on your journey, You still have free will and the power of choice.

With all that being said; I thank you for choosing one of my pieces of art. 

All Items and artwork are ©Jamie Sawyer / Blind Luck Co.