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Color Shadow Casting Tarot Board


“Shadow Work” is a integral part of any journey with Tarot.  In fact divination forces us to face the shadows, often times when we least expect it.  This Tarot Casting board is in full color and creates a stage to explore the shadows intentionally.  

There’s a cave that is entering through the mouth of a skull which is also on a turtle’s back. This alone is a metaphor for the shadows that we carry with us everywhere.  There’s a snake that weaves it’s way around the skull and touching down on our outer shell, depending on which end of the snake you’re following it points to crossing the bridge by going high or low.  Snakes also usher in transformation through shedding the skins we outgrow.

The bridge that connects the cliff to the cave is rickety and old.  Fragile yet still crossable. The only question is are you entering the cave or are you exiting it? Trusting the bridge is the card that wants us to take careful examination.  On the side of the cliffs are 3 ravens closing the gap between the world of mystery and reality.  A lantern swings at the  guidepost, illuminating the 6 pointed star- we must blend our energies in order to navigate the shadows.  In the canyons below are ghosts of our former selves and those that we may inadvertently take along for the ride. The eye above the bridge asks us to take a closer look and to not shut the necessary journey out.  The background also depicts scribbled text that mirrors back the confused state of mind we often encounter when entering the shadows of the Self. 

There are card and tile space savers lightly added throughout to suggest possible placements for your cards and divinatory tools. 


This board is dark in nature  yet still decorative, if you happen to like skulls like I do! 

The details: 14.5” x 11.5” faux maple with high Quality Vinyl artwork

Art and design  ©Jamie Sawyer / Blind Luck Co