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Grand Tableau Lenormand Tile Casting Board


A Grand Tableau Board I created to be paired Lenormand Tiles (Sold Separately)

Featuring the 36 houses in your choice of  2 different variants:

•8x4+4 Layout 

•9 x 4 Layout

Engraved with some traditional meanings as well as a few I’ve come to associate with the cards. Perfect for using the tiles for the whole Grand Tableau to see which houses the tiles fall on.

On the 8x4+4 board you will find suggestions on the the right side and bottom: little notes on reading some of the more common little layouts. I created this because I wanted something to be the backdrop for my own personal set of Lenormand tiles.

On the 9 x 4 board you the houses are laid out in rows with the ruling house title on the top for a quick glance when laying out your tiles. 

Even if you don’t have a tile set (sold separately) it is a good resource for learning Lenormand. The Houses are sized to fit my Lenormand Tiles, they are small- each space is roughly 2”x1.375”, they will NOT fit normal sized cards- scroll through the photos for examples... The details: 14.5” x 11.5” on 1/8” thick faux maple. 

Due to the nature of this material we are no longer offering double sided boards. 

This listing is for 1 Board! 

You will receive the board ONLY, the tiles are NOT included. The photos are examples of the board in use. *Wood tones may vary in person from what is seen on your monitor.  
Please note: The board doesn’t include any deeper information on how to read Lenormand. I suggest checking out some of the amazing books already on the market. Also doing a quick internet search on the topic will yield a plethora of amazing web links as well as teachers with online content.