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Hexagonal Daily Tarot Tile Casting Board



This board is inspired by our Hexagonal Lenormand Tiles. 

Featuring our classic “Daily Mixture” layout set on a backdrop of hexagons, inviting you into the hive mind! 

If you’ve been part of our word for a while, you know we love layering systems to create deeper readings!  Visit our channel for a whole series on the topic! 

While this board has been inspired by our new Hive minded system, it can be used with Tarot Tiles, Cards as well as charms or other divination systems that tickle your fancy.  Consider it a decorative backdrop to your favorite readings.  

Choose from: 

•Engraved Casting Board Version (maple finish)

•Color Casting Board Version (full color)


*Hex Lenormand, Tarot Tiles and Cards sold separately 

*Wood tones may vary in person from what is seen on your monitor. 

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