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The “Hive” Tableau- Hexagonal Lenormand Tile Casting Board


A Grand Tableau Board created to be paired with the Hexagonal Lenormand Tiles (Sold Separately)

Featuring the 36 houses displayed in a Hive style layout. The houses spiral out from a central point.  Life is not a straight line and neither is the inspiration for this particular layout.  

Another way to use this board is also as a backdrop for Charm Casting!  Our beta testers are still just scratching the surface as to how this layout wishes to be used. It’s true it was created for use with the Hexagonal Lenormand Tiles, but it can really be used as a backdrop to layer other practices upon!

Be sure to visit our Youtube for videos showing creative play with this board and others! 


You will receive the board ONLY, the tiles are NOT included. 
Photos are examples of the board in use.
*Wood tones may vary in person from what is seen on your monitor.  

Layout and Design created by Jamie Sawyer/BLC ©2022 All rights Reserved. 

Please note: The board doesn’t include any deeper information on how to read Lenormand. I suggest checking out some of the amazing books already on the market. Also doing a quick internet search on the topic will yield a plethora of amazing web links as well as teachers with online content.