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Nested Tarot


Nested Tarot features 78 cards in a 2 piece upright box complete with a 96 page guidebook based off of my own word map scans.  

What’s in the box:

  • 78 Cards are 70mm x 120mm,
  • 350 gsm, “butter finish” (smooth with a low shine coating)
  • 2 Piece upright vertical box 
  • 96 page full color little white book

Back in October 2021, I rekindled my love for the art of Linoleum block printing.  Having carved my way through Sawyer’s Lenormand (See our Linocut Lenormand deck) I didn’t want to stop playing with this meditative process. The alternate signifiers in the Linocut Lenormand were based of of the nesting doll shape, and just so much fun to create.  I started thinking about how I might draw the Fool in that form— how to keep the popular symbols of the RWS universe intact.  

Each card design is based off the RWS universe but re-imagined as artwork for the popular nesting doll shape.  The facial expressions convey the emotion of the card, especially since none of the figures have actual appendages.  

Another key feature about this deck is that the edges depict a couple smaller figures and when lined up they sometimes connect to build a hidden message.  This deck is great for seeing what’s happening “between the cards”. 

A Fool was born.  Then a Magician, a High Priestess... And so on and so forth. 

Each image was hand-carved, stamped, then scanned to our computer in order to bring you the deck you see here.  

The little white book is unique in the fact that it depicts scanned images from my own exploration with the cards.  Each card image has a coblate of keywords that I often associate with the card.  Feel free to use some as a way to help convey meaning, or create your own!  It’s a lot of fun!

©Jamie Sawyer All Rights Reserved 

*I wrote a long blog post about my decision to postpone the release date of the actual decks.  However, after a lot more thought and talking to some of my peers in the tarot community, I’ve decided it will not be shelved forever.  I also realize that this deck was created from a place of love and appreciation for the way I translate my art onto a popular form. That is it, nothing more.  The shapes could have just as easily been jars or bowling pins.