Magic Musings from my busy mind…

Magic Musings from my busy mind…

Magic is in everything, if we just pause to acknowledge and appreciate it. 

The other morning I woke up as I normally do, before 6:00am, yeah I know it’s early but I enjoy it.  I went to make coffee and noticed the sky was a brilliant pink hue.  Colors will always make me stop in my tracks, especially when the sky gets playful with the rays of light.  I looked closer and noticed a rainbow reaching out to the heavens.  I was so mesmerized by the sky I almost didn’t notice the 2 Deer that were grazing in our front yard.  I watched the sky change from pinks to blues before it dawned on me to grab my camera.  (This is a sure sign you’re appreciating the magic when you forget to document…) 

The photo I managed to get had 1 Doe and that fading rainbow.  Fleeting, beautiful magic. 

I never know how the day will unfold and that one started with oodles of creative opportunity.  I’ll tell you how I break down these signs. 

Rainbows are always a beacon of wonderment, even if I know how they are formed… the way that light gets broken down to reveal the full spectrum of colors.  Color is the presence of Light.  Shadows are found when the light fades.  It’s not that they cease to exist, rather they are hidden and waiting for their turn to shine once again.  Rainbows will always whisk me away to a magical place of imagination and possibilities. 

Deer are my totem animal.  I have always held a deep profound love for their gentle nature, the way they observe and can easily blend into the backgrounds.  Deer, to me, are a beacon of love. It was only later in my life and studies that I found out I was born under the Native American symbol for the deer, alternately in Vedic astrology my chart aligns with Anuradha whose symbols is also a Doe.  Deer appear a lot in my art, it’s my way of honoring them while reminding myself to be gentle with the way I tread in this world. 

Here’s one of our resident young bucks, we have loved watching the fawns grow into another contributing member of the ever growing herd.  I love that they have trust but a healthy fear and boundaries when it comes to being near us.  I’d never want anything to happen to them because they trust people too much.  We live in an area that has many hunters. 


Back to my musings: I took this magical morning as a sign that something was brewing on the horizon along with my morning coffee…. I have come to know that when I am inspired— to roll with it, to see how it unravels.  Sometimes it consumes me, other times it’s just a quick dip in that moment of creativity and it fizzles out.  (I have a lot of unfinished art projects… busy mind and all)  All of my bigger ideas comes at me in this form.  In fact what I’m doing today, I may not be doing 2 years from now.  


 That day started to unfold with coffee and charm casting in my mind.  I recently took a class about the Adventures in Charmcasting taught by Kristen Radden of OTM_Academy.  While I had been accumulating charms for a while, I never actually took a class on how to use them.  (This is so very typical of me…) I want to play before I read the instructions 😝.  Inspired doesn’t even begin to describe how I ended the call during that class.  I love anything tactile and playful.  (Tarot Tiles come to mind!) 

After playing with making a few “working” sets, I explored the other possibilities of charm casting. I became obsessed with finding 36 charms to create a little mini lenormand casting set.  I know I’m not the first to do this (here’s looking at you, Carrie Paris!) however, half of the fun is in the seeking of the charms.

One road led to another and I was looking into enamel charms.  So then my brain whispered, or perhaps it was the Muses that yelled…. “What about a Sawyer’s Lenormand charm casting set!”  I then spent the next few hours researching and re-visiting some of my previous suppliers for enamel pins to see how feasible this will be…. Did I just let a cat out of the bag?  Perhaps I did.  I have a few Kickstarter’s coming up that I’m focusing on, but the lenormand charms will be in my future! “A Charmed Lenormand” will be popping up sometime next year on Kickstarter, you heard it here first! 

Here’s a sneak peek of my behind the scenes process!

My goal is to revisit all 36 of my Sawyer’s Lenormand Cards and simplify/crop them into translatable enamel charms.  This all because magic filled my cup that morning. 


In what ways has nature inspired you to pay attention and go about your day with an open mind?  Did you follow through or allow it to fade lie that rainbow did? 





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