Out of Hand Tarot: An Introduction

Out of Hand Tarot: An Introduction
When you dance with the Muses it’s best to let them lead.  (Which is really hard  to do for a control freak like me— lemme tell ya!
I dubbed the deck “Out of Hand“ Tarot a few months back when I knew it would be focusing on gestures of the hands.  Based off the 7 cards from Pocket of Peers that invite the seeker into the card.  With each new card creation,  I am realizing how this deck wishes to show up for me and in turn for you.
Life has a tendency to get Out of Hand.  One of my favorite mantras is “plan plans, not results”. These cards are to showcase moments frozen in time, exploring how each interaction in our daily lives can mirror the Tarot. 
Observation or engagement. 
Concepts that seem to be the focus of these cards.
For the ones that invite us to simply observe, maybe these images have deeper messages to share with us.  Like the High Priestess and Empress (shown in the main photo) standing there displaying their personas to the world.  What might we come to know about them through observation?  How is it mirrored in who we are and how we show up in daily life? The observation cards will give us the chance to continue our studies on this journey!
For the cards that are engaging, like the Lovers and the 2 of Cups also on the main image. They ask us to go into the scene on the card.  Which of the hands might be ours?  What does this situation ignite in us? The engagement cards give us a chance to think back to times when these scenarios may have popped up in our lives. What did we learn from those moments.  How did they help shape who we are today? 
If there’s a strong reaction to any card then I will always ask you to explore deeper and ask why. Each interaction is a chance to learn. 
When I create a deck like this or Pocket of Peers it’s meant to be easily read within the Rider Waite-Smith system of Tarot, but also if you feel called to explore more, then by all means please do! 
Out of Hand Tarot is meant to be a companion to Pocket of Peers, an expansion pack of sorts.  You may wish to use both decks in their entirety, or perhaps swap out cards and mix and match to make your ideal deck.  Once I am finished with the artwork, the card backs and edging will remain the same for this reason.  I’ll be using the same printer as they have the specs to make them as close as possible.  
One thing is for sure, I asked the Muses for guidance and inspiration for this project and it literally woke me from a deep sleep.  Apparently the Muses do not keep the same hours I do.  It’s ok I’m here for it, and hopefully you are too! 
If you are interested in first look card reveals and Timelapse videos consider joining me on Patreon.com/jamiesawyer 

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  • Jamie - September 13, 2022

    Valerie: Il n’est pas encore sorti, il sera en stock début octobre 2022. Merci!

  • Valérie - September 13, 2022

    Je souhaiterai acheter le tarot out of Hand please
    Thank you

  • Jamie - March 27, 2022

    Ruth- Thank you! I’m also extremely excited about this deck! And don’t worry, Nested Tarot is just on a paused release. I truly hope to feel ok to launch it later this year. (I ordered a MPC prototype and can’t wait to see how it reads)

    Sarah- Thank you!! I’m so grateful you enjoy the progress and my art!

  • Sarah - March 27, 2022

    What a cool concept!! I’m excited for its progress! Thank you for creating your art and bringing it out into the world 🥰

  • Ruth - March 27, 2022

    Your mind is just a little beehive of inspiration and activity. Excited about this deck….. also hope the Nested Tarot doesn’t get permanently lost. Cya!

  • Jamie - March 17, 2022

    Caroline, Thank you! It’s based on a photo of my mother from 1977 when she was actually pregnant with me. It exuded Empress energy and I just knew it was the perfect image for the deck!

  • Caroline - March 17, 2022

    So excited for this new deck Jamie 💜 loving the Gorgeousness of the Empress 🤩

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