Pull Pen Paint 2021!!!

Pull Pen Paint 2021!!!

I am excited to announce that I will be teaching in the FIFTH YEAR of Pull Pen Paint with @kialagives and a host of other stellar guest teachers. 


Pull • Pen • Paint starts the week of March 18th with the first of four VIRTUAL RETREAT style weekends. Registration just opened and Kiala, the curator of this class already has a lesson waiting for you where she teaches you how to make a handmade journal to use during the course. 

This class is about learning to listen to your intuition more deeply by connecting to a long list of tools, techniques, and topics. We use tarot, oracle cards, astrology, numerology, poetry, painting, storytelling, signs, symbols, and systems to strengthen our inner wisdom. We learn to interpret these tools intuitively, journal using our insights, and create from a place of authenticity. Kiala has brought together more than 30 teachers from all walks of life to share their love of journaling, creativity, divination, and self-exploration to uncover the answers that live inside of us. It’s going to be an amazing journey together. 

And, to top it off, we will have FOUR virtual retreats that you can attend live online and be in conversation with the teachers and other students. It’s going to be a blast. I sure hope to see you there.  

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