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Linocut Lenormand Oracle Card Deck


Sawyer’s Lenormand gets a makeover!  

Block printing is a classic art from that inspired the creation of this deck.  Each image is hand carved out of a Linoleum block then inked and printed onto paper. The final prints were then scanned and added to a template in order to create the cards. 

With this deck I wanted an excuse to continue to practice the linocut art form and decided to focus on my Sawyer’s Lenormand images.  The end result was simple yet dynamic in nature. 

I LOVE this deck more than I expected and I know you will too! 

The cards do not have titles, the numbers are indicated on the bottom right. There are 2 extra signifiers for you to swap as you please.

Deck details:
38- 2.5”x 3.5” cards (poker sized)***
Inside a Tuck box
310gsm casino smooth finish

In case you need labels

 1-Rider 13-Child 25-Ring
2-Clover 14-Fox 26-Book
3-Ship 15-Bear 27-Letter
4-House 16-Stars 28-Gentleman
5-Tree 17-Stork 29-Lady
6-Clouds 18-Dog 30-Lily
7-Snake 19-Tower 31-Sun
8-Coffin 20-Garden 32-Moon
9-Bouquet 21-Mountain 33-Key
10-Scythe 22-Crossroads 34-Fish
11-Whip 23-Mice 35-Anchor
12-Birds 24-Heart 36-Cross


*blocks and prints are not part of the order, they are shared just to show part of the print process. 

***These are smaller than tarot cards. This is customary in most (not all) Lenormand decks- because  the “Grand Tableau” is where you read ALL 36 cards spread out at once, having a smaller sized card allows an easier placement on your surface for this spread


If you are new to this divination system,and want more information please check out some of the many amazing books and websites already published. I do not feel I’d be able to hold a candle to their already thorough explanations.

Whether you choose to use them as intended or as an Oracle, I’m pleased you are considering adding my deck to your collection! 

Linocut  Lenormand © Jamie Sawyer 2022 all rights reserved