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Tiny Honey Hive Lenormand Tiles


Tiny Honey Hive Lenormand Tiles! 

MADE TO ORDER allow 1-2 weeks for creation before you’ll receive a shipping notification.

Featuring original artwork depicting bees and hive scenarios! A smaller version than our other Honey Hive tiles, these are especially great for those who need some lenormand on the go! 

A 37 piece tiny tile set complete with a small Hive Tableau board.
(See below for measurements) 

There are 3 signifiers to interchange as you desire. #28 is Drone, #29 is Queen and the extra tile is labeled #28/29 Worker — it is meant to be used however you see fit. 

Enter the Hive Mind!!!

A new take on the Lenormand system.  The hexagonal shape invites in new patterns and wants you to play in a new focused way!  The unique shape allows you to read easily in horizontals, diagonals and now offers up to 6 different directions in which to read where a card touches.

We love this set and just know you will too!  

Each tile set will arrive with a sticker that has a link to the Honey Hive Lenormand interactive digital guide that offers various layout or “Stack” suggestions— from a simple 2 tile stack to the 36 Hive Tableau! We also want to encourage you to allow your own connections and readings grow with these geometric treasures. Download the guide to your favorite .pdf reader (We really love “GoodNotes”) 

Tiny Honey Hive Lenormand Tiles are just over a 1” wide at their largest point, resin coated artwork on laser engraved Baltic birch back.  The backs depict 3 bees in a honey comb pattern.  

Your order also includes a 9” x 9” (22.86cm x 22.86cm) Mini Hive Tableau Casting Board featuring the grand tableau house tile placements.  

The tiles come in a sheer organza bag (random color will be selected) the Moonlit Faye Bag shown in the reel is NOT included and can be found at  *your tiles come in the sheer organza bag*

The final photo shows the Tiny Honey Hive tile backs next to our regular sized tiles — this is for size reference purposes only, your set will not have a larger tile included. 

*Please note that the burnt edges may vary due to wood patterns, The backs will feature the shown design but may look a little different charred, some debris and wood splintering may occur upon first uses— This will go away with use.

 Tarot and Lenormand Tiles ©Jamie Sawyer / Blind Luck Co

Artwork &  design concept created by Jamie Sawyer All rights reserved. 

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