Blessed Equinox and some much needed changes.

Blessed Equinox and some much needed changes.


Fall is a time to shed that which no longer is serving who we are, leaves fall from trees as they prepare for the long winter in order to grow into a newer, better version come spring. 
Last week I posted on instagram an image of a red pencil skull, with the message of impermanence… If only then I knew how foretelling it would be.  
There has been an influx of scammers, clones and buffering of the algorithm on social media channels.  I use instagram mostly, which is where all of my cloned accounts have happened.  It’s unnerving and more than annoying.  Each time I have to take time out of my day to file a copyright infringement case with facebook, and hope they will take it down, it takes away time from when I can be creating and doing something much more productive.  These people are using all I have built to try to scam followers out of money for readings in which they will never deliver upon.  (I don’t even charge money for readings!  I share this for free as a collective gift) My JamieSawyer_336 instagram is one I have built over the last few years and because I have a higher follower count, they see that as a way to have instant clout.  It’s maddening. 
side rant:
Also don’t get me started on the ever changing toxicity of the Instagram algorithm.  Numbers no longer mean anything, and they are forcing us to become videographers overnight in order to stay relevant.  I am a visual artist.  I like to draw, paint, create physical tangible things to hold in your hands and enrich your own personal divination practice.  I am camera shy for the most part and don’t want to disrupt my creative process in order to be seen in the reels feed.  *sigh. Maybe the reality is I’m aging out of the targeted base of these apps… and that is ok. 
If you’ve been in my world for a while you know that Jenna, @Moonlit.faye (formerly @moonlit_faye) is part of the package deal that comes with me!  We are pretty inseparable and talk all day everyday.  Instagram brought us together, and together we will leave it. (Or at least no longer give it all of our attention…) 
We collaborate all the time, not just on products but how to run business, and deal with life. 
Allowing the leaves to fall. 
Oddly, it was around the same time last week of the skull post, that Jenna had pulled the Tower card a couple times during the after-shocks of a very foretelling dream she had... Then few days later, (3 to be exact) Jenna’s account— that she had spent 4 years growing/nurturing/connecting/ creating got hacked and ultimately completely removed. Gone over night through the stroke of a key. (Before you ask, yes she had 2 factor authentication enabled…)
I found out about all of this through her newsletter, since it happened while I was asleep, thank goodness she has one of those. When you run your own business and have a website, it is crucial to have a way to reach your base! (Fun Fact: I send out weekly thursday newsletters, perhaps you already get them, if not, you can sign up from the main page on this very site!)

Why am I sharing all of this with you?

It’s the impermanence of social media. It’s not guranteed to us, yet we all use it daily to stay connected. I’ll be the first to admit I am addicted to the dopamine hits of digital connection... After the events unfolded, Jenna’s drop caused a ripple effect. We started to talk and discuss through the anger and heartbreak. Why is this happening for You, for us? We need our spaces to be protected from clones, scammers— spaces where we can feel safe.
This was a very sobering moment and continues to fuel our building of community in other places.
Patreon is now where you will find all new authentic, unfiltered content. Yes, for me included. A space that’s more intentional and not controlled by the long arms of facebook’s ever changing algorithm and relevancy.
I will still share in the Sawyer‘s Path Facebook group, and use Instagram more of a marketing tool. However, I plan to share true creativity and insights over on my patreon from here on out.
Patreon is free to sign up for, and while most creators have different pledge level tiers (myself included) many of us share public posts that you do not need to pay for. The best part is, depending on your notification settings, these will be delivered into your email when posted. Alternately, the app allows you to see a “feed” of posts without commercials. (As creators we pay to be on the platform so there isn’t a need for sponsored posts…)
🍁Blessings of the Fall🍁
*Fall themed Patreon exclusive card stands for the Garden tier.*

Creation with intention.

If you’ve read this far, I guess the main reason I am sharing this with you, is to let you know why I have been not as active on social media.
My best friend is hurt, and I am there feeling it right with her. Also being one who wants a better solution; I am there with her starting over and growing a more intentional community from the ground up.
For me it’s Creative Divination, for her it’s Sewing and magical connection.
Thank you always for your support and if you do wish to follow us on Patreon our links are:
If you have a patreon creator account, please add it to the comments so we can follow and connect there as well!

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  • Jenna Diaz - September 23, 2021

    Yes!! Thank you for sharing this and spreading the word about all that has unfolded. This was a great blog post detailing the events and what steps we are taking in order to safely move forward. It’s really jarring to have your existence wiped clean overnight. Literally within seconds. It was painful and traumatic. The only way I know how to move on is to start over and to bring awareness to the community. Protect yourselves and your content. Thieves are everywhere. I believe that you will start to see a lot of Instagram accounts go private, including mine. Also a lot of people are moving to Patreon, as it seems that scammers cannot yet access that platform? Not sure, but I’m loving it!

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