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Crystal Hands Full Color Casting Board


Tarot Casting has now come into the world of color with this specially designed artwork.  Featuring Hands that help to pose different viewpoints for the center all focus card.  This crystal cuffs are the stuff dreams are made of!  

Original artwork by Jamie (hey that’s me!) with moon phases of the full and new with waxing and waning crescents.  When I create these boards I intuitively allow the spaces to present what the message or meanings need to be.  There is no right or wrong way to use them, trust your intuition as the story unfolds.  

The yellow spaces are designed to fit “standard” sized Tarot cards, which is 2.75”x 4.75” the smaller spaces fit our Tarot and Lenormand tiles, because mixing creative divining tools is fun!  If you don’t have tiles you could easily substitute, crystals runes, charms, or whatever your heart desires. 

To see this board in action visit my Instagram @Jamiesawyer_336 

Board Details: 11.5” x 11.5” x 1/8” faux maple covered in matte vinyl

You will receive one like the photo. 

Artwork ©Jamie Sawyer 2021