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Hexagonal 1909 RWS Tarot Tiles- The Sawyer Redux Edition


1909 RWS Tarot Tiles - The Sawyer Redux Edition— Hexagonal Variant!!
A hand crafted 78 piece mini version featuring revisited artwork of the iconic tarot classic.

MADE TO ORDER allow 1-2 weeks for creation before you receive a shipping notification. 

1909 RWS Tarot Tiles
The Sawyer Redux Edition Hexagonal Variant

Artist Jamie Sawyer revisits the iconic imagery of the Rider-Waite Smith tarot universe, re-imagining it in her unique “style”. Each card image background has been extended to fill the Hexagonal shape!  

Paying homage to the classic scenery the layouts remain intact — the colors and clothing, are similar and in some cases have been refined or simplified.
The cards in this version are borderless and un-numbered. Instead you will find faint mandalas in the background that have the numbers, astrological or elemental correspondences. The people have also been slightly revisited to reflect the world in which we live. They show up as new actors in this familiar world.
Original Concept by A.E Waite with Artwork by Pamela Coleman Smith

The tile backs feature a stylized mandala shapethat can be seen through out the images on the card faces.  

•Laser engraved puzzle style box featuring the same image as the card backs with an updated image of the High Priestess on the top. 

Each tile measures approximately 2” (5.10cm)at their widest point. The tiles are cut from Baltic birch  and burnt for a unique weathered effect. The images are printed on high quality vinyl then resin sealed for a completely durable and unique look.

Tarot Tiles are ©Jamie Sawyer / Blind Luck Co

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