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Linocut Lenormand Tiles


A hand crafted 38 piece Linocut Lenormand wooden tile set complete with wooden engraved box.

MADE TO ORDER  allow 1-2 week for creation before you’ll receive a shipping notification.

38 Lenormand Tiles based off of the artwork from Sawyer’s Lenormand. The images were hand carved and printed then scanned and shrunken down to bring to you, this version of tiles.  

Throw your way through the grand tableau (board sold separately) with these heirloom treasures. Cast them like runes, shuffled on a table or blindly drawn from a bag for your messages. (I personally prefer the bag pull method)

Each tile measures approximately 1.25”x 2”, (3.18cm x 5.10cm) the tiles are cut from Baltic birch  and burnt for a unique weathered effect. The images are printed on high quality vinyl then resin sealed for a completely durable and unique look.

The backs feature a stylized engraved version of a craved version of the original Sawyers Lenormand card backs. 

You will receive a tile set like the one pictured.

Artwork ©JamieSawyer
Lenormand Tarot Tiles are ©JamieSawyer336 / Blind Luck Co

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