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Mandala Major Arcana Tokens


MADE TO ORDER- allow up to 2 weeks for creation.

Are you working with a specific card energy of the year? Perhaps trying to understand the Majors a little bit better? Visual reminders are a great way to hone your intuition.

Inspired by the mandala patterns that were drawn for the backgrounds of our 1909 RWS Redux Deck, we created these larger tokens!  

You can use them however you feel called, place them in a spread to focus in on one archetype that you may be working with.  Place one on the stand on your weekly, monthly, yearly altar to remind you want energy you are working with.  Perhaps the mandala is what draws you in, flip the token around and display or work with that instead. There’s no wrong way, it’s your practice! 

The front boasts a round version of our card image resin coated to protect for years to come.  The backs are engraved with the mandala that corresponds to the card.  Each mandala showcases the card’s number and astrological correspondence creating a pattern that radiates outward. 

You will receive:
•22 - 3” round laser engraved and resin coated Major Arcana Tokens
•1 small acrylic display stand

Artwork & Design © Jamie Sawyer 2023 all rights reserved

*cards used in video are NOT included. 

**Tokens are made out of a faux maple composite.