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Out of Hand Tarot Color Casting Board


A new color board for the launch of our Pocket edition, adorned with cover art from the Out of Hand Tarot, which shows hands forming a heart as a gentle reminder to bring love and gratitude to your practice. This is for the color version of our wooden board with the same layout! 

Based on the Daily tarot casting spread, this board has placements for a large central focus, overlying round card and surrounding clarifier tile placements. 

The board can be used with Tarot Tiles, Cards as well as charms or other divination systems that tickle your fancy.  A decorative backdrop to your favorite readings.  

The video directs to a reading done with the wooden version of this board for my patrons on Patreon, it is shown in this example as how I personally read with this layout.

*Tarot Tiles and Cards sold separately 

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