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Pocket of Peers Tarot Deck

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Pocket of Peers is now out of print. It was a limited printing of 1000 copies. Thank you to everyone who welcomed a deck into your collections.


Pocket of Peers is a Tarot deck bringing clarity from everyday souls who are all doing the best they can to navigate life’s journey.

An 81 card deck formed mostly of members from the Divination Community. They are Family, Friends, Acquaintances, and Teachers- defined in one word as “Peers”. They’ve been there through some pivotal moments in my life and hold keys to much of my own spiritual growth, I know they will do the same for you. 

This deck places the Peers in our proverbial ”pocket” allowing us to seek their counsel no matter the time or day. What messages might they convey when layered with what is already known about the card meanings and archetypes?  

While you may not recognize all of the faces, you will still be able to understand the shared wisdom. The imagery blends symbolism from the classic Rider-Waite Smith Tarot system within the tapestries of each card.  When you find yourself lost in the scenery, look deeper for the symbolic “easter eggs*” to help awaken your intuition.

*”Easter Eggs” is a popular term often found in video games that are ”extras”- they point to clues or in the case of this deck, pay homage to traditional Tarot symbolism.

  • 81 Cards 
  • standard sized Tarot Cards 2.75” x 4.75”
  • 350 gsm with matte laminate finish
  • Matte yellow edging 
  • Magnetic book-style box
  • Limited Edition — no more will be made once these are sold out. 
  • Discount code for the digital guide included with your shipment

Physical guidebook sold separately.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Read more about the project and who is in the deck by visiting the blog post:

Pocket of Peers Tarot is ©Jamie Sawyer 2021 all rights reserved

Feel free to share the images readings and/or deck walkthroughs on social media, however no unauthorized reproductions are allowed.