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Sawyer's Lenormand Tiles


A hand crafted 38 piece mini Sawyer’s Lenormand wooden tile set complete with wooden engraved box.

MADE TO ORDER  allow 1-2 week for creation before you’ll receive a shipping notification. Originally launched on Etsy.  These are the same tiles you’ve come to know and love, in a new home and box. 

38 Sawyer’s Lenormand Tiles 

•Signifiers are 2 Gentleman & 2 Lady Cards, the extras are purposely number 28 & 29 to keep the numbering sequential in the event you wish to use both lady or both gentleman cards, this is not a mistake.  

•People cards in Sawyer’s Lenormand are represented by Deer with the child card being a sippy cup. 

Throw your way through the grand tableau (board sold separately) with these heirloom treasures. Cast them like runes, shuffled on a table or blindly drawn from a bag for your messages. (I personally prefer the bag pull method— visit Moonlit Faye for your Tarot bag needs!)

Each tile measures approximately 1.25”x 2”, (3.18cm x 5.10cm) the tiles are cut from Baltic birch and burnt for a unique weathered effect. The images are printed on high quality vinyl then resin sealed for a completely durable and unique look.

The backs feature a simplified laser burned version of the “as above, so below” tag that is on the card deck backs.

You will receive a tile set like the one pictured.

•Newly designed laser engraved puzzle style box featuring the Lenormand sigil.

Artwork ©JamieSawyer
Lenormand  Tarot Tiles are ©JamieSawyer336 / Blind Luck Co

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