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Sawyer’s Nature Portals an Oracle Deck


Sawyer’s Nature Portals is an Oracle deck that connects you to the sentient beings we share this planet with. 

▪️52 cards featuring animals, amphibians, insects, birds and marine life viewed through a open portal
▪️100mm 400gsm Round cards - Matte finish with Spot UV card backs
▪️Matte Grey Edging***
▪️Custom magnetic closure book style box The 3rd installment to the Sawyer’s Path Journey.

▪️Digital Download of the companion journal  (Use the discount code  “myoraclejourney” to access the digital guide pdf )

 ****Physical Journal is sold separately via a 3rd party print on demand site visit, if you want that version CLICK HERE******** 

An Oracle Deck featuring the sentient beings we share this planet with. My idea behind this deck was to capture a moment in that creature’s time- to observe, to watch, to listen and learn. What could they teach us just be simply being? They don’t always have messages for us, they exist in their own experience. We become part of their lives when we make ourselves known, but otherwise they are living life as they are meant to, we can learn so much through observation and then diving deep with our intuition when things arise. *Please note, that the cards are not labeled. (sample images can be seen in the listing) I did this for a variety of reasons, but mostly because, I didn't want the names to take away from the card's full art work. The creatures are listed alphabetically, on the inside cover of the the box.

***Due to the nature of the thicker round card stock and matte finish and edging, care should be taken when shuffling to avoid chipping, as with all cards, paper can only handle so much force. I suggest a gently folding of the cards when shuffling, allowing them to fall into place, or rather yet fan them out and choose your cards that way. Far be it from me to tell you how to shuffle, however I find with a round deck it’s a different, softer approach.

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