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Tarot Tile Casting Board


A Casting Board I created to be paired Tarot Tiles (sold separately)

Featuring stylized placements for a Year ahead spread, or an astrological house reading, and extra added spaces for a classic Celtic Cross Tarot Spread. On the left side are spaces with Above, Below, Without and Within then a Present space exclaiming “Be here now”. This board doesn’t come with directions or guidelines, use it as you see fit, assign your own meanings to the numbered spaces. The Large spaces are sized to fit Tarot Tiles, they are small- each space is roughly 2”x1”, they will not fit normal sized cards- scroll through the photos for examples... The mini spaces are numbered in some classic examples of spread layouts- again no instructions will accompany, feel free to assign your own journey to the numbers and the spreads.

Measurements: 14.5” x 11.5” x 1/8” 

©Jamie Sawyer all rights reserved